DBS Drill Nights

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…designed to compliment the DBS League Night Program.

Alex Ukr has been a part of the DBS Programs for over 5 years. He has attended many of the DBS closed practices dating back to when this was the exclusive drill session of the DBS KIDZ. He has been, to the benefit of our paintball community, pestering for yeras to bring these back. Well, Alex has stepped up to make this possible. He will be hosting a bi-weekly (every other week) Drill Night that will run on Tuesdays from approximately 7PM-9PM. Gates will open at 6:30PM, with drills taking place from 7PM-9PM.

Online Special Pricing Information

Sunday Funday Session Teej

At the Door Pricing is $70 for a case of paint and entry fee.


Buy a case of paint and get free entry.
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Have enough DBS Paint? $20 entry fee.
(Field Paint Only / No colored fill paint)



Must I attend every session?
No, you can come to as many, or as few drill nights as you’d like.

Who should attend?
Anyone that wants to up their paintball game.

Will it be to intense?
If you are just starting, probably BUT as I told Alex – “It is a training program. Come get trained. You might die in 5-minutes. If you do, come back in 2 weeks and make it 7-minutes… etc etc” If you want to up your game, this is the place to do it.

Who will be there?
There will be a lot of players that are enthusiastic about the sport of paintball, that want to grow as a player and to help the community grow.

What time should I arrive?
We recommend arriving at 6:30 PM so you have time to get checked-in and dressed up to play. Drills will start at 7:00 PM!

What Makes TJ so amazing? The fact that he is lightning fast, or that he plays at DBS?


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DBS Drill Nights