So You Wanna Organize a Paintball Party?

We have created this party type at our Outdoor Park to help folks organize a Private Paintball Group. With this option you will book your party then we will send you a unique link that you can share so that you can invite your friends to the party. The link will allow your friends to prepay, which means they are locked in to play AND you don’t have to handle their money!

What Is Included?

We schedule this party type as a 3-Hour Private Group. This means you will have a 3-Hour block where you will have a referee to run your games and access to the fields. Also, for just $45 $40 per player each player will get the following:

  • Admission & Air (this gets you into the park and we will refill the air tank on your paintball gun)
  • Rental Paintball Gun
  • Rental Paintball Mask
  • 500 Paintballs

What Do I Need To Know?

Once your party is booked we will send you more information, along with tips to help organize your party using a few different tools and a link for your friends to register for the event. About a week before the event we will access how many folks you have registered to see if we can run the event as a Private Group, if we should reschedule the event, or if we should move you into our Open Session.

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