co2 and compressed air refills

Co2 & Compressed Air Refills

We can fill most CO2 & HPA / Compressed Air bottles. CO2 & compressed are very common for us in paintball and we can fill most bottles as long as they do not show signs of external damage and have a good hydro date on them.

Turn Around Time:
Most bottles can be on site while you are in the store, taking only a few minutes.

All bottles must be within hydro.
If they are not we cannot fill them.

Pricing Info

CO2 Refills:

up to 12oz – $4.00
13oz to 20oz – $5.00
24oz – $6.00

We can fill most SodaStream bottles

HPA / Compressed Air Refills:

3000 PSI – $5.00
4500 PSI – $7.50

Scuba Tanks & Air Rifle tank refills start at $10 and typically need to be dropped at the Indoor Arena to be filled.

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