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DBS 4-MAN Indoor Paintball Tournament

On Saturday Jan 19th, 2019 we will be hosting an Indoor 4-man Open Paintball Tournament!
Free Agents Welcome!

  • Protected from the elements

    Zero work to to stay dry and warm at the DBS Indoor Arena, the premiere park in the NW.

  • Roster Flexability

    This is an Open event designed to be cost effective, fun, and competitive.

  • Premium Paint

    We have teamed up with GI Sportz to bring you the best paint in the business with both the DBS Field Ball & our Premium option.

Contact Information:

Phone: (425)257-9800


Morning Itinerary

7:00am: Gates Open

8:00am: First Game

Event typically concludes by 11:00am



Full Team

Register your full team with this link. You will put your roster (you can contact us to modify the roster) and pay your entry fee.

Pay Your Registration Fee

Team Player

If your team would prefer to make individual payments pay here. Teams without 4-players will be assigned Free Agents.

Pay Your Registration Fee


If you don't have a team and want in register here and we will get you on a team so you can enjoy the event.

Pay Your Registration Fee

Limited to

The Best Paint in the Game

Powered by GI SPORTZ & BW DUNN

Event Paintballs Only


DBS Field Paintballs at - $50+tax per case
Our DBS Field Ball is a quality ball that shoots straight and is design to make it through your marker with a thick, white fill.


Empire Premium Paintballs at $60+tax per case
This Premium ball is more brittle than the DBS Field Paintball, with a balanced white fill that leaves a great mark!



4-man Center Flag Push

Single Round Robin

Top Four Teams Advance To Finals.
For Finals the top four teams will move on. Scores reset and we will use the same scoring system from prelims. The team with the highest score after all finals games (finals game scores only) will be announced as the winner. In the event of a tie the tied teams will play a 4-minute game to determine the winner using the same scoring system.

Four Minute Time Limit
For Each Game will have a maximum of 4-minutes. Game ends when one of the following happen:
-4 minutes of game time pass
-The flag is hung
-All players are eliminated


Maximum of 10 Points Per Game

Points are assigned as follows:

Live Players at the end of each game - 1 point each

First Flag Pull - 2 points
To have possession of the flag you must take the flag and get three full steps.

Flag Hang - 4 points
The flag is to be hung on the opponents start station. If you hang the flag on your own start station points will be awarded to the opposing team.

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