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Tuesday Night .68 Caliber Drill & Play Session

We have made a major change to our Tuesday Nights to increase the value of the program and streamline everything.


Drills & Tournament Style Play

The Ultimate Way to Improve Your Paintball Game While Having a Blast

Doors Open at 5:30PM
Show up early to get checked in & prep so you can start right at 6pm.

Drills from 6PM-7PM
We will run drills from 6PM-7PM for those that want to work on their game.

Don't Want to Drill? Then don't! It isn't required.

Games from 7PM-9PM
Walk on style tournament play open to the public.

Questions? (425)257-9800!

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Primary Features:

  • Buy a Case & Get FREE Entry

    Buy a case of paint and get your entry & air fee waived.

  • 300 FPS Velocity Limit

    The same velocity limit for all major tournaments

  • Up to 12.5 BPS Ramping

    Most leagues use ramping, so we are allowing up to a 12.5 BPS Ramping to be used.

  • Drills from 6pm-7pm

    Come work on your game will specific drills to improve your game.

  • Games from 7pm-9pm

    Come put those drills to work during the game play time!

Contact Information:

Phone: (425)257-9800