DBS Online Store

Welcome to our Online Store! We are a here to serve you and help you make the most informed buying decisions possible! Paintball can be played a variety of different ways, and our informed staff wants to help you find the perfect fit for you.

The 5 most crucial things you need to play paintball are:
Paintball marker, this is what we call the gun to make it clear we play a game and that it is not a firearm.

Compressed gas to propel the paintball, including Co2 or high pressure air(3000psi or 4500psi storage.)

Paintball goggles that cover face, eyes, and ears. There is a wide variety of options, but the most crucial feature is offering a thermal lens as this helps keep the mask from fogging up. Don’t forget if you can’t see well, you cant play! THIS IS THE FIRST THING MOST PEOPLE SHOULD PURHCASE.

Loader: These go on top of the marker and load the paintballs. These can range from a simplistic gravity fed design to electronic that can load 20+ paintballs a second and have unique tech features.

-Paintballs: There are multiple different grades of paintballs made for different types of equipment, playstyles and climates. The varying paintballs have different fill densities, consistency of shape and brittleness index.

If you are looking for something specific use the search bar below to find it quickly!