DBS is hiring!
We have a stellar reputation, so are looking for folks that are driven to help maintain and improve our customer experience.


We want to grow our team with people that are....

  • Upbeat

    Are you an energetic person that helps bring people up? If so, you fit our team!

  • Coachable

    We have been doing paintball for nearly 20 years. We know what we are doing and can teach you.... if you can take feedback and implement it.

  • Positive

    No one wants to come play paintball and be lead by a downer. Even on tough days you have to be able to keep things positive for our guests to enhance their experience.

Does That Sound Like You?

...then keep reading!

Available Position: Paintball Referee

This job is ZERO, yes zero, to 15-hours per week depending on our group load. Some weeks we are slammed and you will get hours, other weeks we are slow and it is unlikely you will get hours. Hours are also merit based. We want our best people to get the most hours, so if you shine you will get more hours. Are you good with that?

Starting Wage:

Minimum Wage


Range from ZERO to 20 hours per week. This is all based on our group count.

Where Will I Work?:

You will work at our Outdoor Paintball Park in Snohomish.


  • This is a Physical Job. You will be on your feet for the duration of you shift
  • You will get hit by stray paintballs from time to time.
  • Must work well with Kids.
  • Must be able to work weekends.

Who SHOULDN'T Apply?

If You Cannot Work Saturday's, this job isn't for you.
Our busiest times are on weekends. If you cannot work on Saturday's we cannot hire you.
Don't Have Reliable Transportation?
If you do not have a reliable way to get to and from work, please do not apply.
Know It All's
We need people that can learn our system. If you cannot be coached, please do not apply.
Low Energy?
Serving others takes energy. If you have troubles staying upbeat, please do not apply.
If you can't make it to work on then time please do not apply.
Bad Attitude
If you cannot stay positive, please do not apply.

How Do I Apply?

The DBS Hiring Process

  • STEP 1: Turn in your Application

    You will want to download and complete the application (found here)and then email it in to danny@doodlebugsportz.com

  • Step 2: The Interview

    A DBS Staff member will call you to schedule your interview. They will give you some very specific instructions to do prior to your interview. Ensure that you follow those instructions and you are on your way to getting hired.

  • STEP 3: The Hiring Packet

    If you are offered a job you will be given a Hiring Packet. The packet needs to be completed and turned in by the deadline set. You cannot work a shift until this is complete, and failure to get the Hiring Packet back in before your deadline will cause us to revoke our job offer.

  • STEP 4: Your First Day

    Once your Hiring Packet is in and approved by our HR Manager you will be assigned your first shift & given access to your schedule.

Turn In Your Application To Start the Process!