GellyBall AKA Paintball Mini

Gelly Ball is our new Paintball Mini experience! Our blasters us an 8mm water orb that fly’s like a paintball but hits with minimal impact to create a paintball like experience without the mess and that is designed for even younger players (or those that are worried about getting hit!).

Our Paintball Mini Parties are perfect for kids ages 5 to 12 years old. You’re games will be played on our Paintball Battle Fields. The blasters hold hundreds of rounds, so will go out and play objective based games during their adventure.

What Do Players Get??

Private Groups All Include Equipment for up to 10-Players including:

Rental GelBlaster setup

(1) GellyBlaster Rental Marker

Rental Paintball Mask

Rental Paintball Mask

Gelly Rounds

1500 Gelly rounds each

Admission & Air for Paintball

Admission & Air

The only thing you will need is to ensure that you dress properly, including wearing the correct shoes. High traction shoes like boots or cleats are recommended. The paintballs do wash out, so you absolutely can dress appropriately with clothing you have from home. We always recommend wearing loose fitting clothing that you do not mind getting dirty like sweats and a hooded sweatshirt. It is also a good idea to layer up. Layers allow you to add or remove them between games if you find the impact does or does not bother you.

Show Me the Private Group Packages!!

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What Does The Party Get??

Private Groups All Include:

Party Host

A Party Host to lead your party

Rental Paintball Mask

Covered Staging Area with tables

Gelly Rounds

6 to 10 games depending on your group

Your party will get a party host that will lead your party and run the games for you! You will get a covered area with tables for your group to "stage" at and use between games. You're group will get 6 to 10 games depending on the pace of your party.

Additional Rental Items Available

To Enhance Your Experience
These items are absolutely not required but are designed to help enhance your adventure!



Chest Protector


Armored Gloves



Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes for the ride home!

Although the paintballs wash out it is much better to change before jumping in your car home. By wearing clean clothes home you won’t have to clean the car after you get home you will only have to wash your dirty clothes!

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