Paintball In The Snow

Dress Warm

It’s cold, freezing; your going to want to wear something warm but also allowing you to have full mobility. Your going to want to wear clothing that keeps heat in so you don’t get cold when your idle. But you also want heat to be released when running around.

Wear warm under garments. I recommend wearing thermal compression base-layer clothing. Tops, bottoms, socks, etc.

Next we go up on layers. If the snow is not a problem for you. You can simply throw on a t-shirt with a jersey or hoodie. Other people will wear two hoodies or a hoodie/jacket combo if they really want to stay warm. Pick the right amount of layers you need. Remember it doesn’t hurt to bring spare clothes especially extra socks!

Paint Handling

During the winters paintballs will be more brittle. Resulting in more breaks, chopping etc. Keeping them in a cool/warm car will help reduce the chances of breaks happening. A small difference will make your paintball time more enjoyable.

Purchasing a barrel kit will also help because paint will shrink. Using the correct barrel size will allow your shots to be more accurate, instead of a tiny gelatin ball bouncing around an over-bored barrel.


Having a dual thermal lens goggle will drastically help improve your paintball experience. Your goggles will have a higher chance of fogging in the cold compared to the heat. Bring a spare goggle or lens as well will make it where you can swap goggles on the fly without have to clean it down. Having a fresh back up goggle to use is much better then wearing a wet one in the cold sounds like a win to me.

Using The Snow To Your Advantage

Playing in the snow means players are going to be much more reserved on moving around. Figure out key points on the field that would give you an advantage to eliminate moving players. Setting the “trap” would be the key word. Say an enemy player has to move from cover A to cover B. Set yourself up to shoot between the two points instead of trying to shoot them while they are in cover. Their movements are going to be much slower since the slow will be an obstacle. An easy elimination for you.