Chests Protectors are used by many and for good reason, everyone remembers wearing 3 layers of clothes their first-time playing paintball. No one wants to get hit in the chest or back with just a shirt on. Chest’s protectors have some of the best padding in the game when you combine them with paintball arm pads or knee pads.

A Chest protector is an undershirt that has built in padding to help soak up some of the initial paintball hit for you. Some will have padding on the sides, back, and sleeves along with the front. Others will have just the front and back, but no matter the brand you buy, chest protectors will do their job. covering up to about 80% of your upper body. Chest protectors keep you from getting nasty bruising and an extra layer of clothing to not get scratched by trees or branches. Although the chest protector does what a vest can do in terms of protection.

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