Tier 2 Clinic – 2v5’s W/ Dusty 2/19/22


Tier 2 Clinic – 2v5’s W/ Dusty 

2/19/22 from 1pm-3pm 

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Tier 2 Clinic – 2v5’s W/ Dusty

1/22/22 from 1pm-3pm

Cost $20 for members, $40 for non-members.

15 Person hard CAP.(No exceptions and does not include paintballs.)

This Includes 2v5 PDF guide, we will send you before the clinic. 

This is a more advanced clinic that we recommend having a basic understanding for speedball prior to attending. 

We recommend you sign up with your team but are welcome to sign up as individuals. Email Dusty@Doodlebugsportz.com with questions or if you would like to schedule a private clinic.


2v5 Drills to teach offense and defense. 

2 Side focuses on:

  • Protecting your teammates and holding a cross.
  • Zoning up and playing tight as a team
  • Communicating under pressure, including “need to know information” 
  • Manufacturing easy eliminations with your teammates

5 Side focus on:

  • Learning all 5 positions, and what to do to close games as a team. 
  • Working as a team to close games in a timely manner, and to support our attacking players.
  • Learning to force the action as necessary to close games and identifying where to create the conflict points.