The Battle Maps

At the Outdoor Park in Snohomish

castle field

Camelot Field

Field Features:
Accommodates: 10-80 players
Main Features: 4 Castle Structures
Overview: The Castle Field is our largest field and loved by the regulars. The lay of the land is in the shape of a triangle with a castle in each corner serving as bases for up to 3 teams, along with a center castle structure.

ProShop Picture

Black Hawk Down

Field Features:
Accommodates: 8-40 players
Main Features: 3 helicopters, 2 landing craft, & a post office
Overview: The Black Hawk Down field is one of our most popular fields. It features many structures and unique bunkers that create for exhilarating game play.

alamo field

Normandy Map

Field Features:
Accommodates: 8-20 players
Main Features: The Alamo
Overview: A defend the base style field, typically 1/3 of the players will defend the Alamo while the other players try to eliminate the defenders.



Field Features:
Accommodates: 10-40 players
Main Features: Numerous Buildings
Overview: DoodleVille is kind of like the old western street fronts. Teams typically start on opposite sides of the street and battle it out to control the city.

prison field

Prison Field

Field Features:
Accommodates: 8-40 players
Main Features: Large Center Prison
Overview: The Prison field is a large field with a strong center Prison. Although the center for the field can be intense, more reserved players can hang back or play the tapes.