ATTENTION: Recently Engaged

Start your party right with the most intense game of tag

Watch the video and you will see a Bachelor Party at the Indoor Arena. Get your buddies together for a real bonding experience that will give you plenty to talk about at dinner & during the rest of your night out.

Bachelor Parties are the perfect occasion for Paintball. Every bachelor deserves an unforgettable bachelor party experience, which is exactly what you will get at DBS.

What Gear is Included? Rental Packages include a paintball gun setup, paintball mask, & paintballs (amount varies based on package). We do not provide any clothing. We recommend players layer up & that they bring a change of clothes for the ride home as it is easier to wash your clothes than to clean the car. The paintballs will wash out of your clothing.

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The Low Down
On an Open Session

Arrive 30-minutes prior to your play time

This gives you time to check in.

This gives you time to:

-Complete your Waiver
-Get Checked-In
-Do Safety Briefing & Game Orientation

Fill Out Your Waiver

Access to the Fields

During your play time you will get to use all the fields to play games.

The Battle Maps

The Indoor Arena has two unique Battle Maps: the Castle Field, & the Speedball Field!

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Rentals are Welcome

A typical session sees mostly rental players!

Rentals Welcome

We specialize in helping first timers have an amazing paintball experience.

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Choose The Impact

Low Impact Paintballs are 1/3 the sting of traditional paintballs.

Players must be at least 6-years old to play Low Impact Paintball

What is the Difference?


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Card On File

We do this because if you do not show up there is a $10 per player cancellation / no-show fee.

Or PrePay

This will eliminate the onsite payment, speeding up check-in!

Call In & Book

Use the form here to book or call us at (425)257-9800. Whichever is easier for you. We are here to serve.

How Does It Work?

What Do I need To Do?

1. Make a Reservation

You will want to start by reserving your time at the facility. This ensure we have equipment and space for you & your friends. You can do so by paying in full or by simply putting a credit card on file.

Reservations can be made online or
by phone at (425)257-9800.

2. Fill Out Your Waiver

All Players require a waiver form to be filled out. Players must be at least 6-years old to play Low Impact Paintball. Filling out your waiver online is easy and is valid for the calendar year, while the paper waiver must be filled out each visit.

3. Arrive 30-minutes early

This will give you time to get checked in & go through our 5-7 minute Safety Briefing & Game Orientation that all players must go through prior to being issued equipment. Arriving early prevents the check-in process from cutting into your play time.

4. Check-In

You will check in at the front desk where we will verify your waiver is complete. There are accessories you can choose to get (or not). You will settle up then we will put you though the Safety Briefing & Game Orientation.


Once you’ve gotten your equipment & accessories you will be brought to the staging area. We have lots of 6′ picnic tables you are welcome to use between games.

6. Play Paintball!

Your referee will run all of the Open Session Games. They will let the Open Session know which field to head to. Before starting the game the referee will split up the teams and explain the game. The referee will then send both teams to their start stations, and once they are ready will start the game.

Games typically last 2-5 minutes at the Indoor Arena.

7. Play Times Up

Once your play time is up you will turn in your equipment. Most people will bring a change of clothes for the ride home since it is easier to wash your clothes than clean out the car, then they will head home.

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