Corporate Events

The best Team Building in The Greater Seattle Area

All Guests Get Equip With:

Player Transforming
Additional Guests with get the required gear including:
Player Transforming
Paintball Marker Rental
Player Transforming
Paintball Mask Rental
Player Transforming
Admission & Air Refills
Player Transforming
350 Paintballs

Guest will just need to dress appropriately!

Yes - the paint washes out!

Pricing & Location

Additional Players


Per Player
  • Gets them into the party with the Rental Marker, Rental Mask, & 350 paintballs!
  • Clothing is not included. The paintballs do wash out.
    Find out what to wear here.

The Breakdown

1. Schedule Your Party Click here to book with this limited time special

2. Show Up 30-minutes prior to your start time to get checked in

3. You Group will play a series of games during your reserved play time.

4. Once your time is up you will turn in your gear and you can use your reserved staging area for food and presents for up to 45-minutes.

Want to Add Food??


We've teamed up with Alfy's Pizza to get you 50% off on the pizza portion of your order!

Most will simply call them before their party starts to play to arrange delivery towards the end of your play time!

You are more the welcome to stay on site for up to 45-minutes if you'd like to do pizza & presents on site.