What Is Paintball?

A paintball is a gelatin capsule. Inside the gelatin capsule is a fill that we call paint. The paint is made of biodegradable food-grade products and comes in many different colors. The paintball is designed to be shot from a paintball gun and made so that when the paintball hits a target it breaks open, leaving a mark on whatever it hits.

How Do You Play Paintball?

The game of paintball is played using paintball guns to shoot paintballs. Although there are many different varies of games to play, or game modes, most games involve teams working together to accomplish a common goal. During these games, players will use their paintball guns to try to eliminate players on the other team by “marking” that player. To be eliminated all you’ve got to do is hit the other player with a paintball that leaves a mark that is the size of a dime or larger!

How Are Paintballs Made?

Click here to check out this cool video from GI Sportz on how paintballs are made.

What Size Do PaintBalls Come In?

Paintballs come in two different sizes, the traditional .68 caliber paintball and what we call “Low Impact Paintballs” or .50 caliber paintballs.

The primary difference is that because of the size difference the weight of the paintball is different. The .68 caliber paintballs are bigger and heavier than the .50 caliber paintballs.

Because of the weight difference the Low Impact Paintballs will hit with approximately 1/3 of the impact of the traditional .68 caliber paintball.