DBS Indoor Arena

The only Indoor Facility in Washington State!

Over 26,000 square feet of indoor paintball

3303 McDougall Ave
Everett, WA 98201


  • Great for First Timers

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  • Turfed Playing Fields

    Feel free to wear your favorite cleats or high traction shoes on our turfed battle maps.

  • Don't Get Rained Out

    Weather Protection – our Indoor Facility keeps you out of the elements. Typically we keep the facility about 50-60 degrees in the winter months, and 60-70 in the summer months. We have found that helps keep our players cool while running around!

Services We Offer

Ways you can play at this facility:

Our Open Sessions
allow pick up games

Only have a few players? Open Sessions allow you to mix in with others and are ran by our staff to keep things fun & safe. Indoor Open Sessions typically use Low Impact Paintballs so players can be as young as 6-years old.

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Our Kids Day Session is for
kids 6-12 years old

Our Kids Day Session is host one a month and is designed to cater specifically to kids ages 6-12 years old. The session starts at 9AM, so we ask you to show up at 8:30AM to get checked in. Kids will play form 9AM-11AM, then we provide pizza and pop from 11AM-11:30AM!

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Our Private Groups
allow Private Games

Private Groups are available 24/7 and allow your group to play their games privately so you won’t have to play with anyone else!

DBS League Night can
improve your game

DBS League Night is a 5-week program that is held every other Tuesday from 7PM-9PM. The price includes all paintballs. The program is designed to create a strong paintball community and give players an organized place to play paintball.

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Drill Nights teach
you the fundamentals

We host our Drill Nights every other Tuesday on the opposite weeks of DBS League Night. These sessions are designed to put players through drills to improve their individual skills and understanding of the game. If you are looking for a great workout, you have found it!

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The Battle Maps

Two Unique Maps you will have access to!

Castle Field
Castle Field

The Castle Field

Field Features:
  • Attack / Defend

    In this defend the base style game one third of the players will be assigned to the castle to defend it at all costs while the remaining players will be the attackers. The attackers objective is to eliminate all defenders or get up to the castle and touch it!

  • Elevated Castle Deck

    The Castle has an elevated deck so defenders are above shooting down at the defenders!

Tournament Field
Tournament Field

The Tournament Field

Game Modes:
  • Team Elimination

    Teams are typically divided evenly, with one team starting on each end of the field. The objective of the game is to eliminate all the players on the opposing team.

  • Capture The Flag

    A flag is placed at the middle of the field. Both teams objective is to retrieve the flag and bring it to their start station.

  • ...and many more!

    See our Game List for more options!

Our Party Rooms

Book a Private Group to get a Party Room

Party Room two picture

Party Room One

  • Accommodates: 10 People

    This party room is the smaller of our two rooms that is located away from the main playing field. It has 10 chairs.

Party room one picture

Party Room Two

  • Accommodates: 16 People

    This party room is the larger of our two rooms that are located away from the main playing field. It has two 6′ long picnic tables for seating.

Party Room Three picure

Party Room Three

  • Accommodates: 16 People

    This is our largest party room and is located off the main playing field. This is perfect for large groups!

The Staging Area

Where you spend your time between games

ProShop Picture

Lots of Room

  • 6' Picnic Tables

    The staging area has tons of 6′ picnic tables for you to keep your stuff between games and take a seat as needed.

  • Watch Games

    The fields are netted, so you are welcome to watch the games. Be aware that paintballs can “spray” through the net, so although it all washes out we encourage you to stand back!

Still Need Help?

Call us at (425)257-9800