DBS Locations

DoodleBug Sportz is a paintball company based just north of Seattle, Washington. With two locations to serve you were are ready to get you into the game at either our DBS Outdoor Paintball Park or to get you setup with the right gear at our DBS Paintball ProShop. With over 20-years in the industry and having introduced thousands to the game each we are are here and ready to serve to create the best possible paintball experience for our guests.

Play Paintball at the
Outdoor Paintball Park
In Snohomish, WA

The DBS Outdoor Paintball Park is located in at 9600 115th Ave SE, Snohomish, WA 98290 and is the considered the Northwest's paintball mecca.

We have two unique ways to play paintball at this facility - Either on the Recball Fields or on the Airball Fields.

Recball gives you access to our Recreational Maps. These maps include Black Hawk Down, Camelot, Normandy, Prison Field, & DoodleVille. These maps are used by Private Groups and for our Open Sessions. Our Recball options are perfect for both new players & weekend warriors. Rental Packages are available.

Airball is a more competetive format that is played on our turfed tournament fields. We use these fields to host sessions both Open Sessions that allow individuals and teams to come play and practice, along with hosting the Ninjaball Tournament Series. These options are not optimal for brand new players, but provide a major rush for those that are looking to play paintball competetively.

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Shop for Paintball gear at the
DBS Paintball ProShop
In Everett, WA

The DBS Paintball ProShop is located in at 4610 Evergreen Way #2, Everett, WA 98203 and is the longest standing paintball ProShop in Washington State!

Things we offer at the ProShop:

  • Equipment Sales
    This includes markers, masks, tanks, and everything else you could need to have a great paintball experience. We have both new and used equipment available.
  • Direction
    Our staff have decades of experience to help you make the right choice on your gear.
  • Repairs
    We can repair most paintball gear.
  • Hydro Testing
    Did you know that every 5 years or so your paintball tank is suppose to get re-certified? We can get that done for you.
  • SodaStream Refills
    That's right, we can fill most SodaStream bottles!
  • Plus More!
    We've got tons we can take care. If you think we might offer it shoot us a call!
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