Ways to Play Paintball

at the DBS Outdoor Paintball Park

Kids Sessions

Designed for kids ages 6 to 12 years old
We host our Kids Day Sessions about once a month. The session is designed for kids ages 6 to 12 years old. They will use our Low Impact Paintballs and our guides will show them a great time.
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Open Sessions

Drop In Paintball for those over 10-years old
Recball Open Sessions allow you to come in and play pick up games on our recball maps! This is perfect for new players.
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Private Groups

Book to play with just your group
Private Groups allow you to book at nearly any time during daylight hours for your group to come and play paintball. Your group will get their own referee, their own staging area, and get to play their games by themselves.
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Airball Sessions

For teams & walk-ons looking to play on the airball field
Airball is typically played by more experienced players. This option gets you onto the airball fields to play with other teams and tournament players.
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DBS Big Games

The official scenario games of DBS
For our Big Games we run reincarnation style rounds that are themed. We combine numerous maps into one large maps. We give our game cards for each player. We get generals. And a whole lot more.
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DBS Leagues

Sign up to get a consistent & organized experience
The DBS Leagues program gets you out onto the field playing organized and (semi) competitive paintball.
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