DBS Outdoor Paintball Park

15+ acres of paintball with

Recreational Battle Maps & Turfed Airball

    New to Paintball?

    Rental Paintball Gun setup

    Great for First Timers

    We have everything needed for first timers to have a blast! Our staff are focused on creating an experience for our players. Rental Packages are all designed to get you what you need to play. We will teach you how the gear works and guide you through your adventure.

    Rental Packages All Include:

    Rental Paintball Gun setup

    Rental Paintball Marker

    Rental Paintball mask

    Rental Paintball Mask

    Paintball Hopper

    Paintballs - amount varies by package

    Admission & Air to paintball

    Admission & Air to the park

    Plus Safety Training & Game Orientation!

    Best Ways to Play As a First Timer:

    Two rental paintball players
    Open Sessions allow you to play pick up games with others
    • Rental Packages available (new players welcome!)
    • Self Equip Players welcome
    • Access to all the different recreational fields
    • Our Staff run all the games to keep things fair & fun.
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    Private Group at the Outdoor Park
    Private Groups allow your group to play your games with just those in your party.
    Your group will get:
    • Your own Referee to run your games
    • Your own staging area to use between games
    • Access to all the different recreational fields
    • Safety training
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    Numerous Maps to Enjoy

    We are constantly working to improve the site so from time to time we close maps as we modify them but typically have 5+ different maps for you to play during your visit. These maps include natural terrain like trees, and manmade bunkers like castles, helicopters, trenches, and more!

    Some of the Maps:

    Rental Paintball Gun setup

    The Castle Field AKA Camelot

    Rental Paintball mask

    The Black Hawk Down map

    Paintball Hopper

    Alamo Field

    Admission & Air to paintball

    Tank Field

    Admission & Air to paintball

    DoodleVille Map

      Tons of Game Modes

      In addition to the numerous different maps you can play on, there are also an abundance of different Game Modes you can play on each map! This gives you endless possibilities for games.

      For this game players are split into two teams with an even number of players on each team. The teams will be assigned to a base, or start station. Once all players from both teams are at their start station the referee will ask if both teams are ready, and begin the game with a silent 5 second countdown. Once the referee starts the game by yelling “go, go, go!” your team can leave the start station to take cover. The objective of this game is to eliminate all the players on the opposing team by marking each player with a single paintball. Once all of one team is eliminated the game is over.

      This is the standard game of paintball. It is recommended for everyone and is the first game your group will play!

        Have Your Own Paintball Gear?

        Self Equip Paintball Players

        Self Equip Players LOVE the flow of games at our facility

        We will let you in on a secret... we run a little differently than other parks... we use our QUEUE system to setup games. With this system you walk to the entry point and the referee will split of players so we can run a game ASAP. Players flow to the QUEUE, then onto a map to play. As soon as you're ready you just head to a QUEUE and we get you a game!

        We also highly recommend you check out Memberships! Memberships get you free entry & air to our Open Sessions and a discount on paintballs!

        Self Equip Players Should Have:

        Rental Paintball Gun setup

        Their Own Paintball Gun setup! This includes a tank & a hopper.

        Rental Paintball mask

        A Paintball Mask (must be ASTM approved)

        Barrel Bag

        A Barrel Bag - goes over your barrel to keep your marker safe when outside the live fire zones.

        Admission & Air to paintball

        A GREAT attitude. We are all here to have fun, so lets check the egos at the door & enjoy the game together.

        We are here to provide a great experience for all, so please come out to have fun & make some new friends.

        Best Ways to Play As a Self Equip Player:

        Two rental paintball players

        Open Sessions allow you to play pick up games with others. We typically see 10 to 60 self equip players during a session. Our Queue system for running games ensure we keep things moving so you can get a many games as possible during your visit. All games are organized & supervised by our staff allowing you to have an amazing paintball experience.

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        Private Group at the Outdoor Park
        Leagues allow you play organized, competitive games! With our Leagues you pay a fixed price to join a "season" the number of sessions in a season varies. We play hopperball, meaning we will your hopper up for each team. With that, we include all the paintballs you'll need during your session.
        Tell me more about the DBS Leagues
        Rental Paintball Gun setup

        If you want to play on the airball field...

        Run over and join of Facebook Group, the DBS Sunday Funday Group. That is where we chat about the pickup games! Join the community & we will get you setup!

        The other option is to join the DBS Leagues.