Private Paintball Groups

Play With Just Your Party!

We Host Awesome Parties

Each year we host thousands of paintball parties for all types of occasions. We are dedicated to ensuring your event is a blast!

Birthday Parties

This is our top party type, for players ranging from 6-years old to 80 -years old!

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

This is a great way to have a memorable experience with your friends (that you'll remember!)

Corporate Outings

Paintball is the ultimate team building activity. Bond with your team while develop critical team skills to execute your game plan.

Just for Fun!

Friends, Family, or just because. We host Private Groups for all occasions.

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Simple Party Packages

Our base packages include everything needed for your party to have a great time. The only thing your party members will need to do is ensure they dress properly (and we recommend bringing a change of clothes for the ride home, although the "paint" does wash out!)
Private Groups can be booked 7-days a week during daylight hours. Reservations are required.
Covers up to the first 10-players (Yes, you can have less than 10!)

2-Hour Private Group

Our Most Popular Package, this gets your group 2-Hours to Play Your Games Privately with a dedicated host!

Have More Than 10?

No problem, additional players are just $39.99/player getting them the marker, mask, and 350 paintballs

Reserve Your 2-Hour Private GroupOnly takes a $10/player deposit
Covers up to the first 10-players (Yes, you can have less than 10!)

3-Hour Private Group

Does your group want to play longer? Or spend more time off the field between games? Then this option is for you!

Have More Than 10?

No problem, additional players are just $49.99/player getting them the marker, mask, and 500 paintballs

Reserve Your 3-Hour Private GroupOnly takes a $10/player deposit

What people are saying

We host an abundance of parties each year... and would love to host your party!
"I brought our youth group to Doodle Bug and we had a private party of 14. We had a blast. Plenty of variety, paint, and game modes. We will be back for some more pain game. Thanks DoodleBug."
Tyler S.
"Such a fun birthday! Christian was the best ref and all The boys and dad had a blast."
Tracy D.
"ALWAYS LOVE COMING OUT TO DBS. Big games are always fun, even for magfed in Washington. I recommend everyone to go to DBS if they want to play, and have a great time!"
Tito N.
"We have held and attended multiple parties at both the indoor and outdoor locations. The staff is always helpful, friendly and a lot of fun!"
Angela WrightGigaclub

Simple Reservations: Just Make A Deposit

AND Your deposit is refundable so long as you cancel your party up to 10-days prior to your event!

AND you can't make your event you use that deposit towards a future event for up to a year!
We want you to play paintball!

Pro Tip: Want to put the minimum down? Reserve with a deposit for just 10 players, then shoot us a call (or email) if you think you'll have more than 10 players and we can add those players to your reservation with just the $100 minimum deposit.

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Admission & Air

Each player will get access to the park during your party. This admission allows them onto the playing fields.

Each player will also be given air refills during your party! Compressed air is what powers the paintball marker, so we will fill the air tank as many times as you need during your visit.

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How Does The Play Time Work?

Your Group will want to arrive 30-minutes prior to your start time. This gives you time to get checked in & go through our Safety Briefing & Game Orientation.

Once you are done with the Safety Briefing, your guide will issue your rental equipment and take you to your party space.

From there your group will load up your hoppers with paintballs then your guide will take you to one of the maps to play a game!

Games typically last 5 to 15-minutes. After your games you can either flip sides and go again, or head back to the party space to prep for your next game.

Groups typically play 4 to 10 games per hour, depending on the pace of the group.

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Caliber Of Paintballs

There are two different calibers (sizes) of paintballs available

.50 Caliber Paintballs (Low Impact Paintballs)
Players must be at least 6-years old to play with the Low Impact Paintballs. These paintballs hit with 1/3 the impact of the traditional paintballs.

Reserve Using Low Impact PaintballsOnly takes a $10/player deposit

.68 Caliber Paintballs (Standard Impact Paintballs)
Players must be at least 10-years old to play with the Standard Impact Paintballs.

Reserve Using Standard Impact PaintballsOnly takes a $10/player deposit

Not Sure Which To Go With?
If you aren't sure we suggest defaulting to the Low Impact Paintballs.

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Paintball Marker

Each player will be provided with a rental paintball gun setup. The setup will include a rental air tank that powers the marker, a hopper that you put the paintballs into, and a barrel bag that goes over the barrel between games to keep folks safe between games.
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Paintball Mask

All players will be provided with a paintball mask. The mask is designed to protect the eyes, ears, mouth, and face. It covers the full front of your face along with the side of the head and ears.
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Paintballs - How Many Do I Need?

Our Packages are designed to include an amount of paintballs that groups going at an average pace can make last the duration of their party. With that said, we do try to get our groups as many games as possible, and some players will be more trigger happy than others, so we always recommend budgeting for an additional case of paintballs.
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Dedicated Party Guide

Your Group will get a member of the DoodleCrew to run your party for you! The DoodleCrew is dedicated to being your guide, and to not only keeping your group safe but also to showing them a great time playing paintball!
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Dedicated Party Space

Your Group will get their own party space to use between games! The space has a 10'x20' covered area that has two 6' picnic tables under the covered area, and two 6' picnic tables just outside the covered area. Larger groups will be provided with more areas!

Still Have Questions?

Call Anytime at (425) 257-9800


Additional Rental Items Available

To Enhance Your Experience
These items are not required but are designed to help enhance your adventure!



Chest Protector


Armored Gloves



Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes for the ride home!

Although the paintballs wash out it is much better to change before jumping in your car home. By wearing clean clothes home you won’t have to clean the car after you get home you will only have to wash your dirty clothes!