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Get your Adrenaline Pumping while having a blast with others creating unforgettable adventures where you develop your teamwork, communication, and leadership.
DoodleBug Sportz specializes in introducing first-time paintball players to paintball thru our Open Sessions & Private Paintball Party options. Many of those players love their experience so much they will continue playing in our Open Sessions and join in on special events like the DBS Big Games.

The Ultimate Outdoor Experience


Kids Sessions are a Dedicated Time for Kids Ages 6 to 12 years old to Play Paintball!

A great time for the kids!

Perfect for Kids Ages 6 to 12 years old!

  • Rental Gear Included

    Kids will get the rental marker, rental mask, and 500 paintballs.

  • Special Session Rules

    We run these sessions for the kids, so spend more time in the target area and doing things to ensure they are comfortable and have fun.

  • Want To Play With The Kids??

    This session isn't for you, but you can do the Open Session with Low Impact Gear and play with the kids!!!

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Come Play Some AIRBALL

Play Paintball on the AIRBALL bunkers!

A More Competetive Game Style

  • What Is Airball??

    Airball is PAINTBALL played on a field with inflatable, ballon like bunkers!

  • Welcome To Tournament Paintball

    Most tournaments, like our series Ninjaball happen on airball fields.

  • Matches Available

    Each Sunday we run "matches" for teams. During these matches we use the scoreboard and run things on a schedule so teams can maximize their field time.

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Join Our Community!

Become a Member!
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Why Become a Member??

  • FREE Admission & Air Fee to Open Sessions

    This saves you $25 per visit!

  • Discounted Paintball Pricing

    Rather than paying the standard $65 per case of paintballs, you will get paintballs at $48/case!

  • Facility Improvements

    As our community knows, we are constantly reinvesting into the facility, and having a strong member base helps us push projects to completion faster!

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Learn the Fundamentals

At the QuickStart Clinic!
  • All Are Welcome

    New to the game? No problem. Seasoned vet? Perfect, come help new players and work on your game!

  • Learn (or work on) the Fundamentals

    We will have community members teaching the fundamentals and running you through drills. Come learn them and continue to improve your game!

  • Play Hopperball Games!

    We all love to put what we've learned to practice, so we follow the clinic portion with hopperball games. Hopperball means you can only fill your hopper with paintballs for each game, no pods!

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HyperBall 3-man Event

On June 30th, 2024
  • All Games On The Pipe Field

    Hyperball is a fun, classic format!

  • Two Divisions

    Beginner Division (D6 / unranked) & Open Division

  • Membership Paint Pricing Honored

    If you're a member you'll get the same discounted paint prices you always get!

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