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Introducing our community to paintball since 1999.

Open in a Limited Capacity due to COVID

We are running Open Sessions in a Limited Capacity, Accepting Private Groups, and our Paintball ProShop is open.
(425) 257-9800

We've got a great time waiting for you. With RecBall Open Sessions you can come enjoy pick up games with others that are ran by our extremely friendly staff. Need rental equipment? Not a problem. We are the best in the business at introducing new players to paintball.

Come Play on Our Six Recreational Battle Maps!

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Private Groups are perfect for those wanting to get games in with just their friends. We provide the gear, the training, the facility, and the staff to provide a 5-Star Paintball Experience for your adventure.

Play With Just Those In Your Group!

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If you are looking at getting into competitive paintball then you're at the right place. We've got two fully turfed airball fields with the lastest bunker sets. We update the maps weekly, and can cater to both individuals and teams. Not recommended for rental players.

Come Play on Our Turfed Airball Fields!

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We've been in paintball for over 20-years. Dusty & Duane run the shop and both have been in paintball since the 90's so if you are looking for help to find your next step, fix your current setup, or just want to access your options we are here to help.

Shop for Your Next Setup with our Experience & Friendly Staff!

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Why Choose DBS?

  • Family Owned & Operated for over 20-years
    Owner "Big Don" spends his time overseeing the business, fixing equipment, and doing site improvements. Oldest son Danny is our GM. Dawn, the middle child, is our Office Manager. Dusty, the youngest, is our ProShop Manager.
  • Dedicated to Doing Right by People
    One of our core values is to do right by people. This means that we operate responsibly & with integrity. If something goes wrong we will do our absolute best to make it right.
  • We Are Upbeat & Inviting
    We are here to support our local community through paintball by providing an awesome experience and we use that experience to grow our customers, our staff, and our company. We know that if we can do that in an upbeat & inviting way we can make a major difference in our community.
  • Six Star Customer Service
    We want to earn those 5-Star Reviews so we are dedicated to going above and beyond to provide a top notch paintball experience for all. PS. If you have any feedback about DBS please send it to Danny! I can be reached by email at [email protected]! Good, Bad, or Indifferent I am dedicated to making things right with you, ensuring they don't happen again to future guests, and ensuring our staff can grow from it.


Check Out Our Birthday Party Special:

We are here to ensure that the birthday player has a fantastic time so we want to fully deck them out with all of the gear including:


Rental Paintball Marker


Rental Paintball Mask


Paintballs (varies by package)


Admission & Air




Chest Protector


Armored Gloves



Show Me the Birthday Party Special!

Seattle's Most Trusted Paintball Company

We Strive to Create a 5-Star Experience for all Guests
ALWAYS LOVE COMING OUT TO DBS. Big games are always fun, even for magfed in Washington. I recommend everyone to go to DBS if they want to play, and have a great time!
-Tito N.
I brought our youth group to DoodleBug and we had a Private Party of 14. We had a blast. Plenty of variety, paint, and game modes. We will be back for some more. Thanks DoodleBug.
-Tyler S.
I had an amazing time. My favorite part was having high intensity games with my friends. I would recommend to the next player to just keep moving and switch up teams to go against different people. The ref was cool he knew what he was talking about & let us do what we wanted it was awesome he was very good at explaining games we didn't know about.
-Vincent E.
DBS is the best in the northwest, the operators of DBS are some of the best people I know. 12+ years paintballing here and they keep innovating their fields and making the experience better and better. Come check it out!
-Scott V.

Get A Quick Quote from Our Team:

    • blank

      Black Hawk Down
      This field features a downed helicopter, our “sniper tower”, trenches, plus the fuel depot.

    • blank

      The Prison Field
      This map is built around our center prison structure. With plenty of tall bunkers on the field. This is a great option for players of all ages.

    • blank

      Camelot is built with numerous castles on the field, trenches, the well, and more.

    • blank

      This is our beach landing field. It has a few different landing craft, our center “compound”, and more.

    • doodleville

      Doodleville is our city style field with numerous buildings including the salon and some tower to play!

    Exceptional Fields To Play Paintball On

    Themed Maps Designed For Numerous Objectives So Every Game Is Unique
    When it comes to paintball, turn to the experts at DoodleBug Sportz. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional gear, equipment, and apparel for our customers’ paintball outings and adventures. Since 1999, DBS has been delivering exceptional paintball adventures and products of the highest quality to players of all levels.
    I Want to See The Field - The DBS Outdoor Paintball Park

    Numerous Game Modes To Try

    Not Only Can You Mix Up The Maps, but Play Different Games Too!
    We've got tons of different Game Modes for you to enjoy out at the park. These game modes are designed for all different skill levels and to keep the adrenaline pumping during your adventure at the park.
    I Want to see the Game Modes!!

    Are You Looking To Purchase Paintball Gear

    Or get Your Gear Fixed??

    Then Check out the ProShop!!

    New & Used Paintball Equipment
    We stock the latest and greatest gear. We also constantly have used equipment coming and going at great prices!

    High Pressure Air & Co2 supplies
    We can fill most compressed air (HPA) tanks and CO2 tanks including our Sodastream bottle.

    Need your gear repairs, tuned, or just plain cleaned up? Tanks, hoppers, markers... we can fix almost anything.

    Hydro Testing
    Did you know most tanks need to be re certified? We can handle that for you, removing the regulator safely so the bottle can get tested and re certified so you can start using it.

    Check Out The ProShop!