About DoodleBug Sportz

Your family owned & operated paintball provider

DBS Company Overview

A family owned and operated business, DoodleBug Sportz has been part of northwest paintball for over 20 years. Many other paintball shops are ran on the side... well this is all we do, and have done, for the last 20+ years! We work daily to ensure that we are constantly improving our facilities and customer experience.

Family Owned & Operated

DBS was started by Don Cort. Currently, his oldest son Danny is our GM, daughter Dawn is our Office Manager, and son Dusty manages our ProShop location.

Founded in 1999

After attending a season end party for Danny's wresting team in the 8th grade the family was hooked! Big Don had spend the previous 20 years in the auto industry. He was in management and was tired of the grind and having to wear a suit and tie to work each day, so after many outings and seeing that so many players would run out of CO2 and paintballs while playing he decided to do something about it.

The DoodleBug Sportz family
A recent photo taken for an article in the Herald. See it by clicking here
Danny and Dusty playing paintball together
Danny & Dusty playing paintball on the tournament field at the Outdoor Park in Snohomish.
The DBS KIDZ paintball team in the early 2000's at World Cup
Don (top right), Danny, & Dusty at a national paintball tournament with the DBS Paintball Team in the early 2000's.
Some of our awesome DBS Staff, the DoodleCrew
A small part of our awesome team! We are constantly working to develop our staff to improve your outing.
Vancouver Vendetta after a 4th place professional finish in Washington DC
NPPL Pro Team Vendetta after a 4th place finish in the PRO division of the NPPL. Many players on this game came up through the DBS camp!
Danny & Don with William at SuperGame
Danny and Don at SuperGame with friend and long time paintballer William! SuperGame draws over 1500 players!
Dusty doing commentary for the livestream of an NPPL Huntington Beach event
Dusty doing commentary for the livestream of NPPL Huntington Beach.
The DoodleCrew in 2011.
The DBS team after we moved into our new Indoor Arena in 2011. In 2009 there was a fire at our original building that we were in for nearly 10 years. See more about that here.
Big Don at the Outdoor Park in Snohomish back in 2012!
Big Don at the Outdoor Park in Snohomish back in 2012!