Indoor Paintball just north of Seattle

The DBS Everett Indoor Arena is the premiere paintball facility in Washington state. We have been operating an indoor paintball facility for over 10 years now. Back in November of 2009, one week after a lighting upgrade was installed at our old facility, the building caught fire. We were in that building for over 9 years!

The good news is that our new facility is a state of the art facility. It gets cleaned every week, with the bunker layout changed, so the feel never gets stale.

Our Indoor Arena features is over 20,000 square feet and two battle fields, our Airball field, and our Castle field.

Contact Info:


3303 McDougall Ave

Everett, WA 98201


Two Unique Fields
to Play


You will have access to both during your visit!

Options to Play



Heater / Fans

Our facility does have heaters and large fans, helping keep the facility warm in the winter time, and cool in the summer!

For heating we keep the facility just above 50 degrees as we have found it to be the optimal temperature for players. When your running around having it a little cooler help as your running around!


Indoor Bathrooms

Tired of going to paintball fields and having to use port-a-potties? Well at the Indoor Arena we have two indoor bathrooms!

Party Rooms

We have two party rooms at the Indoor Arena that your Private Group can use for up to 45 minutes after your play time for cake, pizza, and presents!

Watch the Games

Our fields are netted, so you can watch games from outside that netted area without goggles on! Spectators beware that paintballs can break on the netting and spray through! This is completely safe, but you could get some paintball fill on your clothing (yes, it does wash out).

Questions? Call us!
(425)257-9800 or (425)257-9100