Thank You for Purchasing Your Paintball Tickets!

Paintball Tickets typically get you FREE Admission & FREE Rental gear to any DBS Open Session. They do require you purchase 500 paintballs & pay the air fee.

Through this special offer we are allowing those that buy their Paintball Tickets at a show to book a Private Group with their tickets.

How it Works:

Private Groups booked with this offer require you pay for a minimum of 12 -players. Players with the Paintball Ticket will be charged $27.50 plus tax each getting them the FREE Admission, FREE Rental Gun & Rental Mask, 500 paintballs, unlimited air refills. For players that do not have the Paintball Tickets booked through this option it will be $45 plus tax per player.

You can have more than 12-players. Additional players are $27.50 plus tax if they have a Paintball Tickets. If they do not have the Paintball Ticket they are $45.00 plus tax per person.

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