Drill Night Schedule

Every Tuesday at the Indoor Arena

6:30pm Gates Open

7:00pm Drills Start

9:00pm Drill Session Ends

We’ll Work On:

  • Snap Shooting

    Your ability to break cover, takes a shot, and get back behind cover quickly & accurately.

  • Running & Shooting

    Your ability to shot while you run from bunker to bunker accurately.

  • Laning (off the break shooting)

    Your ability to find effective lanes and to shoot players that go through those lanes.

  • Communication

    Your ability to communicate with your team. We have a universal communication system we will teach you.

…and much more!

Drill Session Pricing

Paintball Admission & Air image

Admission & Air Fee of $20

Paintball Hopper with paintballs pouring out

$20 per 500 rounds
$50 per 2000 rounds

Members get in at No Charge & Get Paintballs at $45 per case