Finding The Right Gear Is Easier Than You Think

The good news is that if you are just getting into the sport of paintball then you are in luck. It is pretty easy to find decent equipment to get started in the game. Many starter kits are available for less than $200! In addition to starter kits, you can find very solid, mid ranges markers starting around $350-400, and higher-end guns coming in for as much as $1500!

So, what do you need to play? You will need the following:

A Paintball Gun Setup

A Paintball Gun Setup is made up of the paintball gun, the hopper, the tank, and the barrel bag.

The Paintball Gun itself is made to have an air source, know as the paintball tank, attached to it so it can then use that is to “fire” or shoot gelatin paintballs. There are many different makes and models of paintball guns

The hopper is attached to the paintball gun and is what holds your paintballs. There are many different makes and models, but the simplest is a gravity-fed hopper. The gravity-fed hopper holds the paintballs and allows them to fall into the breach of the paintball gun because of gravity, hence the name. Gravity fed hoppers can jam up. To fight this jamming folks will shake their gun around, or there are other options that add sensors and feeding mechanisms to prevent jamming and allow for higher rates of fire (ROF).

The Paintball Tank is the air source for the paintball marker. There are two main air sources in paintball, CO2 & Compressed Air. Compressed Air is also known as High-Pressure Air or HPA.

CO2 bottles typically cost less but don’t have the same high-performance characteristics of Compressed Air.

A Paintball Mask

Paintball Masks are required to cover the eyes, full front of the face, and the side of the head, including covering the ears. They are required to pass the ATSM standards to ensure that the user will remain safe when out playing.


Paintballs are a biodegradable gelatin ball that has a fill that is called “paint” inside of it. Paintballs are made so they can be fired from a paintball gun and so when they hit their target the gelatin capsule breaks open and leaves the “paint” wherever it hits.

A Place to Play!

You will also need a safe place to play. We highly recommend our DoodleBug Sportz Outdoor Paintball Park because we have an upbeat and inviting staff that is not only there to help you stay safe and have fun during your journey, but because the facility is designed specifically for paintball!