Paintball Game Modes

Game Modes you can play during your adventure

Paintball Game Modes

Team Elimination

For this game players are split into two teams with an even number of players on each team. The teams will be assigned to a base, or start station. Once all players from both teams are at their start station the referee will ask if both teams are ready, and begin the game with a silent 5 second countdown. Once the referee starts the game by yelling “go, go, go!” your team can leave the start station to take cover. The objective of this game is to eliminate all the players on the opposing team by marking each player with a single paintball. Once all of one team is eliminated the game is over.

This is the standard game of paintball. It is recommended for everyone and is the first game your group will play!

Civil War

Players will be split into two even teams. The teams will line up on opposite ends of the field. Players will remove their hoppers, and manually feed one paintball into their marker. All players will fire one shot. Players that are hit are eliminated. Players that were not eliminated will take one step forward & load another paintball. On the Generals call, all players will again fire. This will happen until all players from one team are eliminated!

Recommendations: Great game for all groups & players!

Last Man Standing

All players will start at the middle of the field. When the game starts players will have 15 seconds to go find a hiding spot away from other players. During this time players CANNOT shot each other. The game officially starts when the 15 seconds expires and the referee yells “go, go, go!” In this game you have no allies. It is up to you to eliminate all other players without being eliminated yourself.

Recommendations: This game is a great game for all groups! We do recommend that players ensure they are more than 15 feet from each other when the game starts!

Capture the Flag

A flag is placed at the middle of the field. The objective of the game is for your team to capture the flag and return it to your starting base.

Defend the Castle

For this game 1/3 of the players will be assigned to defend a predetermined base. They cannot leave the base, and are to hold of the defenders for 3 minutes at the Indoor Arena, or 10 minutes at the Outdoor Park. The attackers objective is to eliminated all Defenders OR touch the Castle / Base!

Recommendations: This game is great for players of all ages! Play the game 3 times so each player gets a chance to defend the base!


President: A small band of Assassins are sent onto the field to hide. This ratio is typically 1 Assassin for every 2 Escorts. One player is elected to be President. The President does not get a paintball marker (some referees will allow him to use a paintball marker, but only carry limited paint!). The Escorts job is to get the President for the starting point to a predetermined Safe Zone. The Assassins objective is to keep the President from making it to the Safe Zone!

Recommendations: This game is a player favorite at the DBS Outdoor Park. It is rarely played at the Indoor Arena, but can be done. Is great for any group type. Have the Guest of Honor be the President!


Zombie: One out of every ten players will be appointed as a Zombie. Zombies are only eliminated with a head shot. The remaining players will be Humans. If a Zombie shoots a Human, they will become a Zombie! Before the Human can resume playing as a Zombie they must head over to the Zombie starting point (this keeps players from being shot too close).

One Head shot eliminates a zombie. Intentionally shooting the Zombie more than one time in the head will not be tolerated.


Terminator: This is a variation to the Zombie game. Players are split up with a 10:1 ratio of humans to terminators. Humans can be eliminated by being shot anywhere. Terminators are only eliminated by being shot in a designated 6 inch by 6 inch part of the body! Game is over when all of the Terminators OR all of the Humans are eliminated.

Recommendations: Have the bachelor be the Terminator, or the Boss! With this variation if your group is younger kids or players that don’t want to be shot more than once, you can have an adult in the party or someone that doesn’t mind taking more than one hit be the terminator and the rest be humans! Kids love it when Dad is the Terminator, and dad won’t mind it!

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