Odds And Ends, Those little things you didn’t know you needed

Tech Mats

When you clean and lube your gun, you want a quality surface to work on. The Exalt Tech Matts we offer, help size o-rings, has a spot for your allen wrenches, screws and such.

Over the years I have heard many sob stories about people using the kitchen tables, Talil Gates,  Spoils at Paintball fields to work on their equipment. Sure enough,  a spring shoots out, screws and o-rings and bolts rolled off into carpets or grass, never to be seen again. 

Tech Mats will save you money and make working on your gun efficient.

Paintball Haulers

Tired of spilling your paint while filling your loader or pods, get a paintball hauler.

Paintball haulers hold 1000 balls or two bags of paint.

Paintball Holders will also help keep your paint dry. 

Without a Paintball Holder, you pour paint out of the plastic bag, you spill paint, if it’s raining, droplets get into your bag, contaminating the balls, which will start swelling to a point that balls will no longer fit through your barrel.


We are seeing more tooless guns all the time, but the majority still need allen wrenches, and screw drivers.

We carry Eclipse Tool Tube Allen Wrench Set $9.95, Exalt Hex Key Set $9.95 and Dye Multi Tool $24.95. Plus Barrel Cover Sock Flex $15.95 – that has two basic allen wrenches stashed inside

Even if you don’t do the repairs yourself, have tools so a trusted buddy can do them for you. Its like having jumper cables, when you need them, you need them.

Gear Bags

When people start playing paintball, they might throw their stuff in a cardboard box, a plastic tote or other unstructured container. This can work for a while, but this is also how equipment gets broken or damaged.

A good gear bag will help extend the life of your equipment. There will be designated areas for guns, tanks, goggles, tools, and cloth. If you want extra protection you can get Goggles cases, tank cases and Loader cases.

Protect the investment, and your investment might protect you.