DBS Early Bird Special

Book your party for a 9:00am start time on a Saturday at either facility and save!


Early Bird Option:Early Bird 2-Hour
Private GroupPlay with just your Group

The Package:

  • (10) Admission's

    This gets up to 10 players into your party.

  • (10) Rental Paintball Marker Setups

    This gets up to 10 players the rental gun setup.

  • (10) Rental Paintball Masks

    This gets up to 10 players the rental mask.

  • (3500) Paintballs

    This gets your group 3500 UV Activated Paintballs

  • 2-Hour's of Access to the Fields

    Your group will have access to the field for 2-Hours. Games typically last 2-5 minutes, then most groups spend 5-10 minutes between games. Typical groups play 8-20 games during their party.

Have more than 10 players? Additional players are $35 each.

All for only $350 $300+tax