Outdoor Park Open Sessions

Open Session allow you to come play paintball games that are ran by our staff during the listed hours. If you need rental gear and training we have got you covered! We are specialist in introducing new players to the sport of paintball. With all rental packages we do a full Safety Briefing & Game Orientation so you know how to use the gear and how things work.

  • Rental Packages available
  • Self Equip Players welcome
  • Play with others
  • Referees to run games & keep players safe

During your time you will have access to all of our Battle Maps. Games typically last 5-20 minutes, and we do our best to run them fast and efficiently so you get a ton of games in your time at our facility.

The Outdoor Open Session Uses Standard Impact Paintballs so Players must be at least 10-years old

Reservations Recommended
Limited Space Available

Reservations guarantee your spots in a session. We take reserved customers first then take players on a first come first serve basis.

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Open Session Hours

Monday’s – Friday’s



Gates Open at 10am

Games from 11am-4pm

Gates close at 5pm


Open Seasonally: last Sunday session of 2019 is on 11/10/19!

Gates Open at 10am

Games from 11am-3pm

Gates close at 4pm

Rental Package Pricing

Option 1: Starter Rental Package

  • Admission Fee Included

  • Air Fee Included

  • Rental Marker Included

  • Rental Mask Included

  • 100 Paintballs Included

$30.00per player

Option 2:Basic Rental Package

  • Admission Fee Included

  • Air Fee Included

  • Rental Marker Included

  • Rental Mask Included

  • 500 Paintballs Included

$40.00per player

ALWAYS LOVE COMING OUT TO DBS. Big games are always fun, even for magfed in Washington. I recommend everyone to go to DBS if they want to play, and have a great time!Tito N.
A happy paintball player

All Players Must be atleat 10 years old and have a current waiver – Click here to complete your waiver

What is included with a rental package?

paintball admission & air image

The Admission & Air Fee

At each facility you will pay an admission fee (which gets you into the facility) and an air fee (which allows us to fill the air source for your paintball gun).
Paintball Gun setup

Rental Paintball Marker

The Paintball Marker setup includes the paintball gun itself, the hopper (which holds the paintballs), and air tank (which powers the marker), and a barrel bag (goes over the barrel when you are not playing to keep things safe!)

Paintball Mask

Rental Paintball Mask

The Paintball Mask covers the front of the face including the eyes and mouth, along with the side of the head (including the ears).
Paintball hopper with paintballs pouring out


Our rental package include varying amounts of paintballs. We also have them on site so if you run out you can purchase more.

Reservations Highly Recommended

Outdoor Battle Maps

Castle Paintball Field

Castle Field

Black Hawk Down paintball field

Black Hawk Down

DoodleVille paintball field


Prison paintball field

Prison Field

Alamo paintball field

Alamo Field

Tank paintball field

Tank Field

Any Questions?

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