Airball At DBS Outdoor

Play on our NXL Fields at the Outdoor Park

Options for Airball


Pickup Games

For walk on players

These Free Agent Sessions allow players to get pickup games with others! No experience is necessary and our staff will organize the teams and games, doing their best to ensure teams are balanced!

We run games on the airball field each Sunday starting around 10am and running until the players are done for the day!

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League Games

For Individual Players

The League is essentially a "hopperball" session where you play games on the airball field.

WHAT IS HOPPERBALL? It is where you play a game using only one hopper full of paintballs. Hoppers are typically hold about 200 paintballs, but there are larger capacity loaders that get as large as 280 paintballs.

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Drill Sessions

All Are Welcome
Danny & Dusty run weekly drill sessions for our community on Tuesdays. You can find more information on those sessions on Facebook by clicking here.
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Have you got a team that wants to play organized games against others teams? Well, we've got you covered!

The DBS Matches allow teams to request matches against other teams, where you are essentially requesting 30 minute blocks to play "split deck" style games against others.

WHAT IS "SPLIT DECK"? That means that there will be two different games happening, say A vs B, and C vs D. A/B will go play a game, then once that game ends there will be a 1-minute timer until a game starts for the C/D game. After the C/D game ends there will be a 1-minute timer until another A/B game starts. This will continue until the 30-minute block concludes!

TO REQUEST GAMES: You'll simply head over to our DBS Sunday Funday Group on Facebook, find the thread for the current week (usually at the top!) and put in a request for matches for your team.

THINGS WE REQUEST: Don't put in for matches if you're team doesn't have enough players, or won't be on time, or won't have enough paintballs to complete all your matches. Our community is relying on each other to fulfill on their commitment to their matches so we can all play and have fun!

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Come Join our Paintball Community

We'd love to have you out to connect with our community. We welcome teams, individuals, and those that generally just love the sport and want to enjoy it. Connect with our community in our Facebook group.
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The Site Breakdown


The DBS Airball Facility

TheDBS Airball Facility features two turfed, regulation sized NXL fields. We strive to keep the facility in the best shape we can while providing an awesome community of players for you to come enjoy the sport with.

Airball #1

This field has a green / black Planet Eclipse bunker set that was used an an NXL event! The field is turfed and setup to NXL regulations.

Airball #2

This field has an NXL logoed field that came from the 2022 World Cup event where Ollie Lang made his return and won World Cup with Dynasty! It is the bunker set used on the PRO field, and has a reversed red / blue color combo, so half the field is blue, the other half red, so it is easier for spectators to tell where players are when watching our webcast.

Check In Area

Prior to playing you will need to get checked in, which you will do at this location. We have a few different options of grades of paintballs to fit your needs, and offer both single day admissions or membership options.

Staging Area

The staging area for Airball #2 is designed so players can have one player back right up to the staging area tents. There are many 4'x8' tables we provide. We do ask that you share tables so there is plenty of room for everyone. May of these tablets also have gun stands so you or your team can make the most of the table space!


We've got an abundance of parking! We recently ran a Ninjball Tournament that had 32 teams (5-man) and had no issues with parking. All we ask is that you do your best to park in an orderly manner and leave room for others.