Sunday Funday

Our weekly session on the airball fields

Typical Weekly Schedule

Play is every Sunday!

9:00AM - 10:00AM: DRILLZ
Drillz is a time where we focus on doing things that will help individuals and teams work on their skill sets. We will run you through many different drills. Join the Sunday Funday Group on Facebook to stay up to date with what drills we plan on running.
We typically run drills and a miniscrim in the morning before the public, walk-on style games kick-off. We recommend getting here early enough that you can get checked in and ready to play between 10:00am and 10:30am to maximize your experience. For Sunday Funday Style Play we keep it really, really simple... You will head with yourself or your team to the field entry point. At the field entry point you will want to get in line with your team, or network with other walk-on players to organize a team. When your squad is up you will head onto the field and play a game. After your game is over you will rotate do to the other side of the field to immediately play a second game. After the second game you will exit the field so you can refill on air, paintballs, etc. Once you're ready again you can head back over to get in line & play again! Play ends when folks are done . . . typically between 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Come Join our Paintball Community

We'd love to have you out to connect with our community. We welcome teams, individuals, and those that generally just love the sport and want to enjoy it. Connect with our community in our Facebook group.
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