DBS Open Sessions

Open Sessions allow you to enjoy our facility by playing pick up games that are ran by the DoodleCrew!

This allows us to keep things safe and fun during your visit. NEW PLAYERS: We've got full rental packages starting at just $30 that will get you into the session where we will train you on how to use your rental gear, how games work, and provide you with the rental gear required to play! SELF EQUIP PLAYERS: We have awesome courses with awesome staff that will setup a wide variety of games for your enjoy during your visit.

We've got two styles of play available: that we offer that include both Recball and Airball.

Paintball Group on the Black Hawk Down map

With Recball you will play on fields like these Open Session players on our Black Hawk Down Field.

Paintball Group on the Black Hawk Down map

With Airball you will play on fields like this that are turfed with inflatable bunkers.

Recball: IE Recreational Paintball. This is what we call it when you play on the recreational end of the facility and enjoy our themed battle maps like the Black Hawk Down or Camelot fields that have trenches, castles, and more to enjoy.

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Airball: IE Speedball or "Tournament Paintball". This is typically were our more seasoned players come and play competetive games of paintball on our turfed fields were we use the inflatable bunker sets.

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Recball Open Sessions

Recball Open Session Hours:

Saturday's from 11:00am-3:00pm

Sunday's from 11:00am to 3:00pm

Reservations are Required

The Recball Open Session gives you access to our recreational battle maps like our Prison Field, Black Hawk Down, Normandy, and Doodleville!

Open rain or shine.



We are excited to introduce you to the sport! Paintball is a great game and we are here to show you ropes. Our rental packages include everything required to play, and our add-ons can help enhance your experience!

Our Basic Rental Package is perfect for those looking to try paintball out. It includes everything required to play including:

  • Admission
  • Air Fee
  • Paintball Gun Rental
  • Mask Rental
  • 500 Paintballs

All for just $40!

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You're Going to Love It!

We've been running awesome paintball games for 20+ years! We are excited to have you out to the park!

Our Admission & Air Fee are $20. Paintballs start at $60 per case of 2000 and are our house blend that is a hight end bright fill with a two tone shell and the DBS print. This paint is designed to shoot super straight and break on target.

We also (typically) have a higher end ball available for $10 more.

Looking for a DEAL? Get signed up for our membership program where you get large discounts on admission, the air fee, and on paintballs! Email [email protected] for more information on memberships.

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Airball Open Sessions

Sunday Funday is designed to allow individual and teams to get out and play some fun but competitive paintball.

Airball Open Session Hours:

Sunday's from 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Reservations are Required

Open rain or shine.
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Airball Open Session