Paintball is

An Adrenaline Rush You Won’t Forget!

DoodleBug Sportz is home to Seattle’s top paintball stops. We operate the only Indoor Paintball Arena in Washington. We have an Outdoor Paintball Park with six recreational fields, including our Black Hawk Down field. We operate one of the longest standing Paintball ProShops in the state.

DoodleBug Sportz specializes in introducing first-time paintball players to paintball thru our Open Sessions & Private Paintball Party options. Many of those players love their experience so much they will continue playing in our Open Sessions and join in on special events like the DBS Big Games or Sunday Funday Sessions.

We offer both Low Impact .50 Caliber Paintball and the Standard Impact .68 Caliber Paintball. These options allow us to ensure everyone has an amazing paintball experience. What is the difference between Low Impact Paintball & Standard Impact Paintball?

Three Locations


Indoor Paintball Arena in Everett

The DBS Indoor Arena has keeps you protected from the elements while you enjoy our two unique battle maps.

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Outdoor Paintball Park in Snohomish

Be Rambo for the day while you experience our six unique battle maps including Black Hawk Down and more..

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DBS Paintball ProShop in Everett

Packed with goodies, the ProShop is dedicated to helping you find the right gear to up your game.

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Open Sessions
Play With Others

  • Play with Others
  • Set Session Schedule
  • Referees to Organize & Run Things
  • Rental Gear Available

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Private Groups
Play By Yourselves

  • Play Your Games Privately
  • Book For Nearly Anytime
  • Dedicated Referee to Run Your Group
  • Rental Equipment Included

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Tournament Paintball Players

We have numerous sessions, programs, and events for tournament players, including those that are looking to get started.

Airballer's Click Here

Calling all kids ages 6 to 12 years old . . .

Monthly Kids Day Sessions

The Kids Day Sessions are designed specifically for 6-12 year olds that are new(er) to paintball. They are hosted once a month at the DBS Indoor and for only $35.00 your child will get:

  • Rental Equipment Provided

    Each player will get a rental paintball gun setup and rental paintball mask

  • 2-Hours to play

    Your child will have access to the fields and games for 2-hours

  • 500 Paintballs Included

    We have found that this will last most kids the entire two hours, although some trigger happy kids may need a few more!

  • Pizza & Pop following play

    After the play time is up your child will get a pizza lunch in one of our party rooms

Starting at just $45.00 $35.00 per player

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Join us for our 7th Annual

Battle of Stalingrad



Starting at just $40.00 per player

Classic Paintball is BACK . . .

10-Man Airball Event

The field will be made up of our TWO turfed airball fields using two NXL Bunker sets, possibly some carwashes, and more!
Free Agents Welcome!

Starting at just $80.00 $65.00 per player