Three LocationsOur Locations

Indoor Arena

The DBS Indoor Arena has two battle maps you will have access to during your play time.

Forget the Weatherman

Seattle weather is unpredictable. Guarantee an experience that is protected from the elements at our state of the art facility.

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Outdoor Park

The DBS Outdoor Park has six battle maps you will have access to during your play time.

Six Battle Maps

The Outdoor Park has six unique maps including Black Hawk Down, The Alamo, Prison Break, and more!

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Paintball ProShop

The DBS Paintball ProShop is packed with goodies & the most knowledgeable staff in the industry.

Personal Attention

Our Staff are dedicated to educating you to help you get the right gear the first time.

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It’s All AboutThe Experience

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    First Timers

    We specialize in taking care of new & first time players, so you are in luck. Full rental package available.

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    Weekend Warrior

    So you now have your own gear and play once every couple weeks.

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    Avid Paintballer

    So you have your own gear, play most weekends, are looking to stay up to date with what is going on.

Book YourPrivate Group

Private Groups allow your group to play their games privately. This mean that only the members in your groups play in your games. You will have a private referee and can book at almost anytime… until we fill up!

Online Bookings for Private Groups closes 3-days prior.
To schedule within 3-days call us at (425)257-9800.

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Book YourOpen Session

Open Sessions allow you to play pick up games run by our staff with other players. No group needed, come by yourself or with friends and we will gear you up, brief you, and show you how it all works!
Perfect for New Players.

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Our CustomersLove Our Service

I have been coming to DBS for nearly 5 years. I have played at both facilities. I bring my work out a couple times a year and they all love it!Anthony Darr
Anthony Darr

I’ve been paintballing all over the US for 11+ years and Doodlebug Sportz has the best indoor and outdoor paintball facility in the Northwest! Mason Hwu

Private Parties yearly
Players per year

Scenario GamesDBS BIG GAMES

Visit the DBS Big Game site

Tournament Paintball Players

We have numerous sessions, programs, and events for tournament players, including those that are looking to get started.