What To Wear Paintballing

Danny Cort (DBS)

In order to have the best possible paintball experience it is important you wear the right clothing. First, a few thingsā€¦ YES, paintballs do wash out! YES, you’ve got the right clothes at home. Continue reading to find out what to wear paintball.

General Advice

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

Imagine that you hang a towel out on the clothesline to dry. Now throw something at it. The towel will slow the baseball. If your clothes fit loosely they will have the same effect on paintballs, so it is better to wear loose fitting clothing when playing paintball.

Dress in Layers

We also recommend layers because then if you find you wore too much, or are getting too hot you can simply remove a layer between games.

Cover the Hands & Neck

We recommend gloves to help protect your hands. Hands are a common place to get hit since you are exposing them when you come out from behind cover to shoot.

Although neck hits aren’t all that common, they are one of the most bothersome places to get hit so we recommend something like a hooded sweatshirt as the hood will help protect your neck even if it is down.

Dress the same for Both Impacts

Some folks say “I am playing low impact, why do I need layers.” Typically folks that are playing low impact are younger so don’t have the same pain tolerance (it is low impact, not no impact).

By doing this you are coming prepared to play, rather than not having enough and wanting more.

Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes for the ride home!

Want it Done for You??

Wear some shorts & a tee shirt and get our Defender Bundle!

This package does not include any shoes, so you will want to bring some high traction shoes like boots or cleats!